Entry #1


2007-09-15 13:19:05 by jakedman790

Why hello there fellow newgroundians! I got tired of seeing that 'still hasn't contributed anything' crap and decided to make a news post! yay!

First off, I'll tell you a little bit about myself;
- I'm 17 years old, and I'm a senior in high school.
- I'm planning on attending the school of advertising art in dayton, ohio next year.
- I've been working with flash and photoshop since age 12. Actually, I started with KoolMoves. Ha!
- Although I haven't submitted anything, I do have quite an extensive flash portfolio, just nothing I felt was appropriate for NG.
- I love Macs, as well as Drum n Bass.

Projects I'm currently working on;
- A website I run with BGalloway: shut up cup dot com
- An entry for Madness day! (Screenshot below) Although it does look like a traditional madness clone, I can promise you its much funnier than a traditional episode of madness. I hope that it fairs well in the competition. Madness was one of the original reasons I got started making my own flash, so it feels great to tribute krinkles, who has inspired so many of us.

Stay tuned folks!



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2007-09-15 13:38:57

ahh DUDE! I cant wait for your madness to be done! I will working on an animation like...NOW! You know the story. But i'll try and start it. and maybe it will get finished. YA!